Sunday, 21 September 2014

sandcastles in the sky

I have so much stuff that I bought years ago and I haven't used, either because I was keeping it for good, because it got forgotten, because I bought it whilst living in one of the 8 houses I've lived in in the last 5 years, because I had too much stuff at the time or because 'it was a bargain'.

Now I'm a little more settled, I'm gathering all the stuff I've bought from the numerous cities I've lived in, and trying to fit it into my little craft room, so every card I can make, every old piece of paper I can use, not only will it aid the charity where I donate them, and it helps clear my craft room.

Combining old with new, is definitely helping me along, and I've dug out my crop-a-file...

Lawn Fawn Penelope's Blossom, Life is Good, Scattered Showers
WRMK Eyelet
American Crafts ribbon


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