Friday, 30 November 2007

thanks for bling

How minimalist can I go? There is no knowing, however in the bling stakes this is right up there.

I love Pebbles Inc duplicates rub-ons, whatever did I do without them. Post-Christmas thank you cards are so much fun to make after Christmas cards.

Not much more to say. Not feeling my best today but we are going to have a cosy night in...
Thursday, 29 November 2007

have a munky-tastic birthday

Recently I have fallen in love with KI memories papers. It started because in the Baby Boy set there was one with a train on it! (Everything here is trains!)

So here I have mixed the KI memories Baby Boy papers with a mamBi monkey sticker (Safari stickers) and a few gems. I drew stitching on with a dark brown pen around the message and outside the brown card and drew a ‘Morse’ line around the monkey sticker.

Finished with some double sided ribbon from Ribbon Oasis (arrived next day and they sent me a wee free gift too!)
Saturday, 24 November 2007

thank you for scallops and stripes

It’s a funny thing inspiration. Sometimes you have it, some times you borrow it and sometimes you have none. I am sure I saw something similar to this on a scrapbooking page but I can’t remember where.

A funny sized card here 14.8 x 7.5 cm but I think it is rather nice. Plain white card stock and Rob and Bob Studio Mini Juicy Stripes paper.

I used lovely double sided ribbon from Ribbon Oasis, my favorite Pebbles Inc. duplicates rub-ons and three little gem stones (you’ve gotta have a bit of bling).

The scallops were hand cut usingthe doodlebug paper frills as a template. Little green lines were drawn around the edge of the scallops with my lovely Staedtler pens which I got from the Works.

If you know a good way to cut scollops leave me a comment.

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

stardust thank you

The card was cut to 10.5 cm square and the Pet Shop stars paper (from KI memories) to 9.5 cm square. All of the stars were drawn over with Star Dust Stickles.

A scalloped band 3 cm wide 10.5 cm long was cut using the Doodlebug paper frills as a template. Double sided ribbon from Ribbon Oasis was tied over the scalloped the scalloped strip.

A Pebbles Inc. duplicate rub-on was applied to a 2 x 5 cm square of white card. A blue ‘Morse’ line was drawn around the edge and 3 blue gems adhere to the top right.

This is the start of the Thank You cards required for after Christmas.

As far as my cards go. I am starting to think that I have found ‘my’ style, not someone else’s. Sometimes ideas don’t come easily though.
Saturday, 17 November 2007

i'm dotty about you!

I was playing around with some old DCWV papers and some glitter glue and after a bit of playing had this little number.

Circles and letters both cut from Quickutz (Bottle Top die set and Lemonade alphabet), matching DCWV card. Finished by my own fair hand in my rather small handwriting.

I am so glad I have my craft as a refuge as the house is really getting me down, there is dust everywhere, I have killed 3 hoovers and as the days go on the chance of anything being finished by Christmas get smaller.
Thursday, 15 November 2007

ac thinking of you flowers

I started thinking about this card when the weekly challenge on UK scrappers was ‘American Crafts’. I have loads of American Crafts stuff, it is one of my favourite brands.

I wanted a scalloped edge, but had no way of doing one, so for a time the card idea got shelved.

Recently I decided to cut the scalloped edge by hand, and now you see the finished card. AC rub-on (Accents book 2 I think), Pebbles inc. duplicates for the sentiment, and Papermania gems.

I was not aiming for a sympathy card, but think that that is what I got.
Wednesday, 14 November 2007

pretty gem card

Something a little less bling than before, but still very blingy.

Now, when you buy gems you always get green flower gems. I never use green flower gems as quickly as the other colours, because green flowers are just not the done thing.

So here I have lovingly hand cut the gems into ‘leaves’ there are two different size and slightly different colour green flower gems in  use here. I made the frame around the aperture and the leaves.

A bit of glitter glue (you can’t go far wrong here) and voila 4 hours of my life is accounted for. I hope you like it :-)

In other news, we now have upstairs lights (the lighting did not pass the safety tests) and what lovely upstairs lights they are. Just to confuse us all of the switch positions have changed because we are turning doors. Now all of the wiring in the attic is done so the insulation is going down. We bought eco-wool which, the blister on my finger proves, is no meant to be cut.

Insulation though, all mod cons here  now, lights (upstairs only), 1/3rd insulated (our own fault as we completely removed the old insulation as it was horrid, we had to rewire and it was only 6 cm thick), a cooker. Yay for us...
Saturday, 10 November 2007

gem mosaic

The November card challenge on UKscrappers is ‘all about ‘The Bling’’. My gran, being poor of  vision and ‘95 you know’ is also all about ‘The Bling’ because she can see the sparkles and texture so that there is something to feel (interactive cards hey!).

So, here using up just a fraction of my gem collection is a mosaic.

On other news, we have not got far with the wiring, although now the cooker is safe. I stopped using it when I saw the wiring that was there. We will continue tomorrow to  get rid of the old consumer unit (a paradigm of safety and how not to wire), and just patch the old wiring into the new box if it passes dad’s stringent safety tests.
Friday, 9 November 2007

quickutz happy birthday

Just an idea really, but I really wished I hadn’t used ric-rac on the present. DCWV sprink stack papers, DCWV Spring cardstock and blue ric-rac and white chiffon ribbon.

I used the cuttlebug circle embossing folder and the Quickutz fonts ‘lemonade’ and ‘snowdays’. The present was cut by hand.

In other news, the house is a bombsite, however half of the rafters have now been laid to put down our lovely 20 cm ‘eco-wool’ insulation. It took an age to remove all of the old insulation and clean the attic but it is worth it I think.

A measurable quantity of the wiring is now done too. Yay!
Thursday, 8 November 2007

retro dad

On a roll with the same bit of paper. This time I made a card for my dad, who is very kindly rewiring our house.

Mix DCWV retro papers, a bit of brown ribbon, glitter (yay!),  and my new Snowdays alphabet. What do you get?

A card which is passably masculine, but has no train on. Alas... and I was so close.

I am always on the lookout for trains, trains this and that. It is never ending.
Wednesday, 7 November 2007

retro thanks

I have too much stuff. In fact I have so much stuff sometimes I forget what I have. Then one day I might find it...

Today I found a stack of DCWV papers bought from QVC ages ago as a One Time Only. Here combined with a Cuttlebug embossing folder a paper ribbona dn some flowers  made a quick card.

10.5 cm square so difficult to get an envelope!

On an aside I find that using Cuttlebug embossing folders in my Big Shot damages the paper and can tear it. Any hints or tips?

We watched ‘The Squid and the Whale’ last night, good, but sometimes disconcerting viewing. A thinker, but short. One of my thoughts was “where’s the rest of my movie gone”.
Monday, 5 November 2007

you're a star - thanks

I might  have been bad...

I might have bought the new Quickutz Snowday alphabet...

But, I do really love the font and the snowman.

Here I have used it with papers from the DCWV spring stack and plain card spring stack.

Just a little simple card.
Sunday, 4 November 2007

baby giraffe

Using my giraffe stamp again, this time for a card. The card stock is mainly doodlebug, as is the ribbon.

The font is Quickutz ginger, and I’ve used eyelets twice in two days.

I have got to stop coming up with good ideas for the house. We are knocking down walls, reversing doors, rewiring, fitting a fixed network, putting tv ariels in nearly every room (even though we hardly watch tv), removing the old insulation and replacing it with new, flooring the attic, completely redecorating, wanting new carpets, new kitchen, insulation in the converted out houses.

I just want to start my scrapbook on what we’ve done so far.
Saturday, 3 November 2007

baby boy tag

I got this cute set of stamps from Autumn Leaves because it had a monkey on and it also had this really cute giraffe.

I think he is lovely and very cute on this tag. The tag is cut from Quickutz cookie cutters with the word boy cut from the Baby theme set.