Monday, 22 September 2014

padawan of the copics

So despite not owning a single copic marker I'm taking the online card class copics for card making. I have my promarkers which have served me well, but I've been looking at copics for a few reasons...

principally I really like the brush nib of the flex markers, but flex markers come in a far more limited pallet, secondly copics are far more transparent with blending families and colour codes. My promarkers are in a lot of cases 5 years or more old and drying up, so as I think about replacing them I think about switching up.

This class gives me the opportunity to see copics in action, but also to learn stuff which is relevant for my current crafting supplies.

Unfortunately I didn't plan well enough to have enough Neenah to print all of the required sheets, so I have the first couple from the preview day, and about the last 6 pages from this weeks test page samples, but not the boxes or balloons I was supposed to be colouring in today, alas... so I tried to take some of todays techniques and apply them to the 'prep' sheet of flip flops. I've specifically used the  flick blending to white technique around the edge of the first two sets of flip flops, this has been done with the brush nibs of flex markers. Specifically I think I like Kelly's tip of leaving areas white and colouring in circles when using the bullet nibs of promarkers.


  1. Hello, Grasshopper :)
    You can stamp any images you want to practice with - no need to do the class handouts, that's just a start :)