Saturday, 27 May 2006

blue with love card

I love Anna Griffin’s range of card making stuff but often feel intimidated by it because it is so nice I don’t want to ruin it. Consequently it has to be a really special occasion for me to even go near this stuff...

I decided to be subtle however not go too crazy with paper techniques, so a plain blue A6 size card with a matching printed paper with a blue pattern laid on top embellished with a blue vellum and a cream ribbon bow simple but elegant. The with love sticker is actually from K & Co but worked well.
Saturday, 20 May 2006

retro spots

A card from nearly nothing here, all you need is to cut 3 consecutive size circles in card.

I really like the tonal look with a light (L) and dark (D) of one colour and a bit of shine with some silver (S), try to keep them in the same order as you layer them up, such as LDS, DSL, SLD for consistency and be a bit random on where you stick each circle when layering them up, but I always find that it works particularly well if smaller circles always touch the edge of larger ones.

Finally stick the circles onto a plain card with 3D foam in a grid pattern and you are done.

This card is great for any occasion as it is neutral and is a suitable card for men.
Saturday, 13 May 2006

birthday spots

Quite a minimalist look again, despite the fancy paper. Any spotty paper will do although this card came from a K & Co box set. just a little bit of layering and a sweet sticker from Papermania and you have a different take on a funky birthday card.
Saturday, 6 May 2006

happy birthday candle

I really like the candles in the Sizzlits Die Set - Party Time Set by Leere' Aldrich. I also think that it works particularly well with yellow and blue.

Three candles were cut in blue with their wicks and flames cut again. The ‘flash’ was removed from the blue candles and they were then mounted on a yellow background. The wicks and flames were finished in a similar manner and then the three were mounted on a 6 cm
2 white square using 3D foam.

This was then mounted on a yellow 6.5 cm and blue 7 cm square using double sided tape. Finally it was mounted in the middle of a white square card using 3D foam and small silver ‘Happy Birthday’ stickers were stuck centrally below the image.