Tuesday, 23 September 2014

do or do not, there is no try

So in class today we were being taught techniques on how to blend two different colours together, and were shown various techniques. So I continue to colour the flip flops and have to say how disappointed I am with some of my results. I think the difference between copics and promarkers/flexmarkers is now evident.

I started off with my first flip flop colouring with two flex markers, one pale blue the other pink, attempting the tip to tip technique. The colours easily muddied and despite carefully colouring within the lines the colour started to bleed outwith the border. I had more success with latter attempts where I used a mix of promarkers and flexmarkers but the feathering technique doesn't work well with bullet nibs and the colour took a lot of working (in small circles) in order to get the blend, its ok, but has perhaps convinced me a little more that there is a benefit to moving up to copics.


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