Saturday, 31 January 2015

I love you as much as an elephant

My parents were big into arts and crafts and the whole 'self sufficiency' thing of the 70's, their home is littered with pictures, furniture, and soft furnishings all made in the 70s, I even remember painting thimbles as a child.

One of their endeavours were those pictures made with thread and pins in a board. My dad loved the geometrical shapes and I was fascinated how you could make a curve out of a straight line, when I was 7 or 8 my dad explained my first taste of calculus, about approximating a curve to lots of bits of straight line. Now when I teach calculus to the chemists at university (they need it for all sorts of things, very useful is calculus :P) I always think of those string pictures. I've even been thinking of making one for my office.

Now Jennifer's inspiration for adding texture on Day 4 of the Online Card Classes Clean & Simple 4 was using thread and sewing, and I knew instantly that I wanted to emulate some of the characteristics of those string pictures.


  1. When we had our first child, someone made a string picture for her room, and I know just what you mean! I love your heart... makes me think I might try the technique too!

  2. Love the geometric thread pattern in the heart and pairing it with the little elephants in the background was a great idea!