Friday 30 January 2015

hello dots & stripes

I've lead quite a nomadic life, it is not great for organising and using your crafting supplies. I have held lectureships in 4 cities in 5 years, each location I've had some supplies, it is this transitory lifestyle which lead to the ebb and flow of posting on this blog.

I've settled now a little bit more, we've bought a house and I am moving everything in, everything from the house we still haven't yet sold, everything that never got moved out of our parents, everything from the 17 places A & I have called home in the last 5 years!

Unpacking one of these boxes I found the strips of echo park dots and stripes paper that formed the basis of my wedding thank you cards, all made up into a panel and I thought that I could use that, so here it is... my very quick creation, a testament to growing up and settling down!


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