Wednesday 16 July 2014


I have a superpower, I've always had it, it amazes my family to this day, some like superman are gifted with the power of flight, or super strength, others like mystique the ability to morph into other forms, some like spiderman can climb vertical walls, then there are still others like batman who just have cool tech. I'm better than batman, money can't buy my power...

What is this super amazing power of which I speak, I know where things are...

Not just a, I never loose my keys, my phone, my umbrella, no this is two years after moving house I can tell you exactly which box I put my spare silhouette blades, I know exactly where in the shed we put the brush for painting said shed, I know where every item of food in my kitchen is stored, I know, I just know. I can still do it for my parents house and I haven't lived there in 17 years, if I see it I remember, and I can find it again.

So it is not often I loose things, or forget I have them, this paper stack by Laura Ashley I forgot I had, if you'd reminded me I would have gone, oh yes that is here, but instead I came across it looking for something else (which was exactly where I thought it should be).

So I kept out the paper and it is the latest focus of my stash busting, of my using up of supplies so they all fit in my smaller study now we live in the south.

paper: Laura Ashley (trimcraft), DCWV
ribbon: American Crafts
stamps: Lawn Fawn our friendship grows
gems: papermania


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