Wednesday, 18 June 2008


I was wondering what to do with this picture of Elmo, when I decided to make a faux newspaper page something which I have never seen done before.
Such a simple page, I prepped the ‘article’ in pages, and printed it onto Doodlebug Cream Puff Bazzill, something which my laser printer wasn’t really designed for. It smudged, but it’s a newspaper so I can live with it...
I made the ‘paper name’ with Doodlebug Simply Sweet Beetle Black cardstock stickers, the headline, was Rollerrink Black Glitter Thickers, I used loads, but I was lucky enought to win some earlier in the week so I don’t mind :)
The date is the date I made the page (because the picture was taken so long ago I have no real idea when for sure).
I think this is a fun page, I’m pleased with it at least.
If you love this idea and use it, just like any of my designs could you please let me know by leaving a comment and credit me where appropriate.


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