Monday 10 December 2007

tutorial - christmas star

 Papercrafted Christmas stars are all the rage this year, so here is a quick tutorial for those who want it.
My grandad taught me how to do this with old copies of the telegraph!
Start with three squares of the same size, here I have used 3” squares which makes a star a little under 4.5” from tip to tip.
Fold the square in half diagonally. You will need to know the centre point, so mark that too.
Open the paper out again.
Fold two opposing points to the centre as shown.
Fold wrong sides together along the long diagonal fold.
Then fold in half length ways.
Repeat for all three squares.
Stack the three sections together, and staple along the centre line.
After opening out the leaves you should have something like this. Adhere a strip of double sided tape along the back edge of each leaf.
Adhering adjacent leaves together and you end up with the Christmas star.
Papers are the DCWV Christmas stack.
You can also do this with the concertina method, which makes the star less deep.
Hope all this helps.


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