Monday, 20 April 2009

what's not to love?

I've been looking at the design experiment challenge blog for a few months now, and haven't really been fast enough to post in the two week slot, but this time I have so I'm gonna post it.
Scrap something you love about yourself.
The layout actually says a lot about me, I like pretty things, I’m messy and disorganized, I have a sarcastic (almost sardonic with myself) sense of humour, indeed I titled it sarcastically 'what's not to love?', when it's an awful photo of me, eyes closed, pulling a face, hair a mess, no make-up big fat belly, I know I'm no pin up (unless you want to throw darts).
There is a large amount of ambivalence about me, I don't care really, love or hate, I'm more of a whatever person, but I love how much I laugh. I laugh at myself all of the time, I am a ridiculous person and can identify with Mr Bennet from Pride and Prejudice immediately, laughing at others so long as you can laugh at yourself. I laugh at the follies and absurdities of myself all the time, and it was cathartic to write such ridiculous rhetoric about myself. Thank you the design experiment.
I mostly used MME Bloom and Grow, with AC felt thickers.


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