Wednesday 14 November 2007

pretty gem card

Something a little less bling than before, but still very blingy.

Now, when you buy gems you always get green flower gems. I never use green flower gems as quickly as the other colours, because green flowers are just not the done thing.

So here I have lovingly hand cut the gems into ‘leaves’ there are two different size and slightly different colour green flower gems in  use here. I made the frame around the aperture and the leaves.

A bit of glitter glue (you can’t go far wrong here) and voila 4 hours of my life is accounted for. I hope you like it :-)

In other news, we now have upstairs lights (the lighting did not pass the safety tests) and what lovely upstairs lights they are. Just to confuse us all of the switch positions have changed because we are turning doors. Now all of the wiring in the attic is done so the insulation is going down. We bought eco-wool which, the blister on my finger proves, is no meant to be cut.

Insulation though, all mod cons here  now, lights (upstairs only), 1/3rd insulated (our own fault as we completely removed the old insulation as it was horrid, we had to rewire and it was only 6 cm thick), a cooker. Yay for us...


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